Top High School Basketball Player in the Nation Chooses to Take His Talents to Kansas

Photo By Jordan Tucker (Oxed Out Life)
Photo By Jordan Tucker (Oxed Out Life)

Today the top ranked high school player in the nation (Andrew Wiggins) from Hunington Prep (WV) signed his letter of intent to the basketball powerhouse program of Kansas. There is no doubt that it is awesome, but is it really a big deal? Wiggins is possibly the greatest high school recruit we have all seen since LeBron James, the difference between the two is that LBJ was allowed to go straight to the NBA.

So what does this mean for young Drew?

He’s probably going to do one year as a Jay Hawk and then take his talents to whoever is lucky enough to win the first lottery pick in the draft next year. So you think about if it’s really a big deal for him to go Kansas. What if he doesn’t win a championship this season? I understand that they implemented the rule of these players doing at least one year of college ball before being able to declare themselves elegible for the draft because right after LBJ, players out of high school entering the draft started to get out of hand. I personally feel that there should be a special acception for players on Wiggins skill level.

I have had the opportunity to watch the young man play on two occasions, and I must say that I’ve not seen a player like that since I saw St. Vincent-St. Mary play against Brush High School in 2002. Another major difference in the two players is that Wiggins is way more than just a freak of nature athlete, he’s an all around great basketball player.

In closing i feel that there should be something done for all of these high school ball players that could possibly become professionals so they dont have to tease these universities with “one and dones.” Special testing or something…..Shit!


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